Mini N64 Retropie Emulation Station w/Custom Case

Mini N64 Retropie Emulation Station w/Custom Case

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New N64 Retme Kit

Mini Retropie Emulator

Mini Replica of the Original Console

Play all of your favorite 8bit, 16bit, 32bit and popular N64 Games from one device.


Plug in a USB Flash Drive or connect to your network to transfer ROMS.    

Unlimited Fun !!!


Cant find the Classic System ??

The Classic system only includes 20-30 games, but this retro emulator is preloaded with over 11,000 games. 


32GB SD w/11K Games

 Atari 2600 2200+

Atari 7800 50+ 

Atari Lynx 230+

 NES 800+

Game Boy 1000+

Game Boy Color 500+

Game Boy Advanced 128+

SNES 700+

N64 150+

Game Gear 500+

Master System 700+

Genesis 900+

Neo Geo 128+

Turbo Grafx 16 800+

Playstation1 (10 Popular Games)

2,200 MAME Arcade Games

Capcom I, II and III Arcade games.

-Now Includes Starfox 2-


32GB w/6K Nintendo Classic Library

NES - All Games

SNES - All Games

Gameboy - 705 Games

Gameboy Color - 533 Games

Gameboy Advanced - 1033 Games

Virtual Boy - 24 Games

Family Computer - 355 Games

Disk System - 149 Games

Super Famicom - 512 Games

*NES - Classic Collection*

*SNES -  Classic Collection*

*N64 - 20 Classic Games*

*Super Famicom - Classic Collection*

- Includes Starfox 2 -



Mini Linux System (Pi 3)

32gb Micro SD

Custom Replica Case

HDMI Cable

Power Cable

USB Controllers (2)


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N64 Emulation is not perfect.  This system is actually hard to emulate and runs best on expensive computers.  The games that are playable are growing every day as people discover new configurations.  Check out ETA Prime as he tells us how to get the best performance out of N64 Games.