DIY Base Emulation Kits

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Each Kit comes with everything you need to start your Retro Gaming Hobby.  Learn how to assemble a Raspberry Pi based mini system that's  powerful enough to play thousands of retro games.

Choose your poison, start with a free pre-built image loaded with games.


16GB - 10,000 Games

Sega, Nintendo, Arcade, Neo Geo, TG16 and More


32GB - 11,000 Games (Includes CD based Systems  

All the above including CD based Systems - 12 Sega CD and 12 PSX


New ! 

32GB - PS1 Games (42 Classic Original Playstation Games)

42 Original Playstation Games





Pi 3

Case (assembly required)

Heat Sink or Fan

HDMI Cable

Power Cable

SNES USB Controllers (2)