10 Toys Of the '80s That Are Worth A Fortune Now

1. Teddy Ruxpin:

Who'd have thought that this annoying talking bear would be more expensive now than in the ’80s?!


2. Fisher-Price Yellow Roof Little People Family Play House:

Most of us probably have memories of playing with the Little People Tudor House. But, did you know there was also a yellow roof version? And today it's also the pricer one.


3. Fisher-Price Little People Parking Garage:

Reliving the fun of racing your Little People (in their cars) down the ramp will only set you back $150.


4. ThunderCats: Lion-O Action Figure:

No word if his eyes still light up too.


5. Michael Jackson: Superstar of the 80's Doll:

I guess it's not a bad price, if you want to preserve what MJ looked like before he got all the plastic surgery.

Fireball Island:

Pretty much the most epic board game ever!


7. The Real Ghostbusters: Fright Feature Action Figure:

Surprisingly, Peter Venkman is the most expensive figure from this toy series.

Transformers: Optimus Prime and Megatron Action Figures:

It's not surprising the original toys would command this much. The toy line has remained popular ever since its launch.


9. Garbage Pail Kids: Adam Bomb

The most iconic card in the series' high price was driven by the fact that it was used on all the packaging.


10. Cabbage Patch Baby:

At its height in the '80s, black market Cabbage Patch dolls sold into the thousands to parents eager to make their kids happy on Christmas morning. So, I guess this is kinda