about billys toy box


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Video Games  We had more fun playing 8bit and 16bit games but they are almost impossible and super expensive to find now.  Once I discovered emulation, first on the PC, then on the original XBOX, I created collections of games that I grew up playing which brought back a lot of memories while growing up.  A few years down the line Single Board Mini Computers started being developed and powerful enough to play old retro games on.

I spent a lot of time collecting roms and experimenting with small and mini pc's.  Now that I have a large collection of games and different types of mini pc boards along with the classic console cases I can offer them to others to have fun and help bring back childhood memories.


**Currently we are experiencing issues obtaining the computer boards for a lot of the retro systems due to the Chip Shortage.  Please contact us before making any purchase so ensure we have them in stock.