Emulation Station FAQ Section

This section is updated frequently, I have just been posting frequent questions customers have about the Emulation Station.  The questions range from very simple to very hard, but i'm sure this will help some people as they might have similar questions..... Enjoy


Q: Do all of the games listed work?

A: The Emulation Station game images come with over 10,000 pre-loaded games.  Most of them do work, I would say about 95%.  Due to the large number of games, it would be impossible for me to test all of them, this is still a work in progress.


Q:  Do I have to download anything or is this system plug and play ?

A:  The system comes with all the emulators to run the games included so there is nothing you need to download.  The only thing you might have to do is configure your controllers, directions on how to do this are included.


Q:  Whats the difference between the 16GB and 32GB versions?

A:  The 16GB and 32GB versions are very similar, the only difference is the 32GB Version has more available space allowing for more games including N64 and CD based games like Sega CD and PSX.  CD based games take up a lot of storage space.


Q:  Can you remove games I don't like and install games of my choice before you send it to me ?

A:  Sorry, I don't have a lot of time to customize the game images, I could make sure a few games you want to play are included but if you want to install a lot of games of your choice its easy to do it yourself. Its a great learning opportunity, all you need is a PC to download the ROMS and a thumb drive to transfer the games to the emulation system from your PC.


Q:  How well do the N64 games work, I have tried other emulation systems and N64 games are always laggy.

A:  N64 is a very difficult system to emulate, a lot of the games don't run at full speed but there are optimizations you can try such as GPU memory settings, resolution, and alternate emulators.  You wont be able to get all the games running perfectly but a lot of them are playable.  


Q:  One of my controllers stopped working can I send this back for a replacement?

A:  Since you recently purchased your emulation system I will just go ahead and send you a replacement.


Q:  Can I use wireless controllers with the Emulation System?

A:  Yes, PS3 controllers work well and so do 8bitdo controllers.  I would search in Google, (compatible wireless controllers for retropie) before purchasing to make sure your getting he right one.  I also sell a few 8bitdo controllers in the Video Game section.


Q:  How can I switch the A and B buttons?

A:  Press START at the main menu and go to CONFIGURE INPUT


Q:  I messed the controller configuration up, how can I fix it?

A:  Use a USB Keyboard

Enter = Start



Q: Can I use a Wireless PS3 Controller ?

A:  YES, you need a keyboard and internet access, follow this YouTube Video.



More Coming Soon...