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Ripple / XRP

Getting a hold of Ripple is currently not easy. Converting Bitcoin to Ripple might be the fastest way because purchasing Ripple is not yet available. Once Ripple hits a few of the popular platforms that allow you to easily purchase, the price of Ripple is expected to skyrocket. By this time you will be missing out on the early price. At the time this was made Ripple is at $2.40. Make sure you invest early as the price is steadily going up.

First you will need to purchase Bitcoin, best at least $100 worth, then create the second account where you can convert Bitcoin to Ripple.
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Coinbase is pretty much the safest way to purchase Bitcoin and has been around since 2012. Coinbase was launched in San Francisco, California. Since their launch, they’ve served over 8 million customers and helped users exchange over $20 Billion worth of digital currency. Currently users from 32 countries can use their services, including the United States.
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Here is my personal invitation for you to sign up at Coinbase in order to buy/sell Bitcoin. You get a FREE digital wallet and you will receive a $10 bonus once you purchase $100 or more worth of Bitcoin.

Here is the service you need in order to obtain Ripple.  You will need to take the Bitcoin from Coinbase, and convert it to Ripple.