Super Nintendo 'Iron Commando' Re-Release Nears Funding

In 1995 the belt-scrolling brawler Iron Commando smashed on the Super Famicom. Although packing quite the punch and satisfying fans of the genre, It’s safe to say that the game arrived a little too late to impress those who had seen it all with the Final Fight series. Whilst remaining a Japanese exclusive for quite some time, the neo-retro publisher Piko Interactive acquired the rights to the game last year and has begun closing in on funding for the game’s re-release on cartridge.

Turning to IndieGoGo, Piko Interactive are hoping that both collectors and retro gamers will be tempted in investing in this authorised re-release due to rising cost of the original game. Commanding several hundred for the Super Famicom cartridge alone on eBay, Piko Interactive’s re-release is finally set to make the game more affordable for a mere $45, with more lucrative pledges available for collectors.

Alongside this re-release comes another familiar Super Nintendo title known as Legend. Also created by the same developer behind Iron Commando, it would appear Piko Interactive intend on making Arcade Zone’s entire back catalogue available once again with several pledges also including the 1993 release too. Elsewhere Piko Interactive have teamed up with RetroBit to release IndieGoGo exclusive Retro Duo Portable consoles, an unofficial Super Nintendo clone with a built in display - and you guessed it, something that can be secured with a copy of Iron Commando.

With just 3 days left of the IndieGoGo campaign, just over $2,000 is missing from their target, retro gamers wanting something new to battle through should look no further.


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