Quick Start Button Configurations and Info


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Emulation Station: Pre-configured Button Settings

A/B: Select System and Games / Back Out of System.
Select / Start (same time): Exit, while in a game.
Select: Insert coins when playing arcade games.
R: Skip to next alphabet while in game list.
L: Skip to previous alphabet while in game list.
Retro Pie Tab: Configuration Menu (controller/ Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / Download Themes.
Start: Options (Controller Input, Reboot, Shutdown, Change Theme).
Configure New Controllers
N64 Games
N64 Games require USB controllers with an Analog Stick (Gamsir/N64 Controller)
Important: Do not just unplug the system, always exit back to the main menu and press Start, go to Exit / Shutdown System before unplugging power.
Shutting down correctly helps to avoid corrupting the micro SD card.
IF Micro SD Card becomes corrupt and wont boot, contact (billys-toybox.com) for pricing to replace or re-load your SD Card.
MAME: Controller Configuration

If the controller won’t work for MAME games.
Start a MAME game then press TAB on keyboard and go to INPUT (GENERAL)
Make sure you configure buttons for the following.
1 Player Start: Start button
2 Player Start: Start button on 2nd controller.
Coin 1: Select button
Coin 2: Select button on 2nd controller.
Exit to UI: Select / Start - at same time.
Then scroll all the way down to bottom to exit or press ESC.
YouTube Video: (https://youtu.be/p9nCcVf3tD8)
Attract Mode Image (32GB)

First insert SD card, connect your controller and USB keyboard, then power up the Raspberry Pi.
Configure Controller for Menu in Attract Mode:
In main menu press TAB for option to configure your controller.
Only ADD INPUT for controller, make sure you DO NOT remove Input for Keyboard or you could get locked out.
YouTube Video: (https://youtu.be/UD9NBCyK7vc)
Configure Controller for Emulators/Games:
Go to Attract Mode Setup, go to Launch Emulation Station
When Emulation Station boots it should prompt you, or you can press Enter on Keyboard then A to select Configure Input.
To go back in attract mode go to RetroPie / Restart in Attract Mode
YouTube Video: (https://youtu.be/UD9NBCyK7vc)
Cable Management

HDMI – Plugs into the back of the system and other end goes to TV or Monitor.
Power Cable/Adapter – Plugs into the Micro USB Port on the back of the system.
Your Emulator systems comes with either a Power Adapter, or USB Power Cable w/Switch, the Micro side plugs into the back of the system, the USB side into a 2.5A (amp) power source.
If your system comes with the USB Power Cable w/Switch, you will need a USB Charger Adapter, the same type used for phones works fine.
Controllers - Plugs into one of the 4 USB ports on the system.
Lightning Bolt

If you get a Small Lightning Bolt on top right of the screen, it means the system is not getting enough power, your USB Adapter most likely does not output 2.5A. (Use one with 3A)
Adding Games / Downloading ROMS
YouTube Video: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYMoxvbkYD4)
Game Not Starting
If selecting a game returns you back to the menu without starting the game. Try choosing a different Emulator to run the game.
Select the Game
Press A to enter options at splash screen
Go to Choose Emulator for ROM
Pick an alternate emulator
Go to Launch ROM
Press Select/Start to exit if stuck at blank screen
Repeat and try a different emulator if the game doesn’t run.