Retropie and Attract Mode Button Configuration and Help

A: Select System/Games.
B: Back 
Select / Start (same time): Exit, while in a game.
Select: Insert coins when playing arcade games.
R: Skip to next alphabet while in game list.
L: Skip to previous alphabet while in game list.
Retro Pie Tab: Configuration Menu (controller/ Wi-Fi / Bluetooth and other options.)
Start: Options (scrape, controller input, reboot, shutdown, change themes)



First insert SD card, connect your controller and a USB keyboard, then power up the raspberry pi.

Configure Controller for Menu in Attract Mode:

In main menu press TAB for option to configure your controller.
Only ADD INPUT for controller, make sure you DO NOT remove Input for Keyboard or you could get locked out.

YouTube Video: (




Configure Controller for Emulators/Games:

Go to Attract Mode Setup, go to Launch Emulation Station
When Emulation Station boots it should prompt you to configure your controller.
To go back in attract mode go to RetroPie / Restart in Attract Mode
YouTube Video: (


Configure Controller for MAME:

If the controller won’t work for MAME games.
Start a MAME game then press TAB on keyboard and go to INPUT (GENERAL)
Make sure you configure buttons for the following.
1 Player Start: Start button
2 Player Start: Start button on 2nd controller.
Coin 1: Select button
Coin 2: Select button on 2nd controller.
Exit to UI: Select / Start at same time.
Then scroll all the way down to bottom to exit or press ESC.
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Games Not Loading

When trying to start a game, it goes to the loading screen then back to the game selection - try using an alternate emulator.


-Select the game

-Press A to enter options screen.

-Select Emulaor for Rom

-Pick an alternate Emulator

-Launch - to start game



Video by KM Zoilus



The Linux system should be able to automatically detect the HDMI cable and output audio through it.  But if your audio is not working for some reason.

Go to main menu.


Select either HDMI or Analog, whichever your using.