N64 OGST Game Images

N64 OGST Game Images

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Update your Base or Premium N64 System with 128GB of Games !!


This new fully loaded 128GB image comes with SEVEN THOUSAND console and high quality arcade games.

Your retro N64 system is not only great for playing hard to find N64 games, but the hardware is one of the most powerful SoC systems to date, allowing you to play many other console and high quality arcade games with near perfect emulation.  I previously included more systems that was listed when each N64 was purchased to give you a taste of what this powerful tiny system could do.  Now you can put it to good use !!

What is SoC ?

Check out this video previewing the systems and games.

128GB Image

 32GB Replacement SD Card


Included with 128GB Image:

3DO  8

Arcade Classics 2180

Atomiswave 18 (High Quality Arcade Games)

Atari 1000+

Lynx 75

Coleco Vision 115

Dreamcast 15

Game Gear 49

GBA 25

GBC 375

Kodi - Media Center for Streaming Movies/TV Shows

Sega Master System 230

Genesis 515

N64 190

NAOMI CD Sytem 57

Nintendo DS 30

Neo Geo 136

NES 730

PC Engine CD 10

Sony PSP 18

Playstation 13

Sega Saturn 16

Sega 32X 33

Sega CD 10

Super Famicom 360

SNES 567

TG16 92

Nintendo Virtual Boy 23

Sinclair 380