Famicom Emulation Kit w/10,000 Games

Famicom Emulation Kit w/10,000 Games

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SNES and Famicom
Full Emulation Kit

NEW SUPERPI SNES and Famicom Injection Molded Case.

Power, Reset and Eject Buttons all working with Power LED. 


This micro game console comes loaded with thousands of retro games.  Plug in a USB Flash Drive or connect to your network to transfer even more games.  Unlimited Fun !!!

Cant find the Classic System ??

Unlike the official classic system which comes with only 30 games, this Retro console can play thousands of games. 


Custom 32GB Comes Loaded with over 10,000 Games Including Arcade, Sega, Nintendo, Neo Geo and TG16.

Custom 64GB Comes with over 13,000 Games adding CD based systems like Sega CD, Playstation and Dreamcast.


Games Pre-Loaded

Atari 2600 2200+

Atari 5200 100+ 

Atari Lynx 230+

 NES 800+

Game Boy 1000+

SNES 700+

Game Gear 500+

Master System 700+

Genesis 900+

Neo Geo 128+

Turbo Grafx 16 800+

2,200 MAME Arcade Games

Capcom I, II and III arcade Games.

-Now includes unreleased Starfox 2-


Mini Linux System

Internal Heat Sink

32gb Micro SD

Custom Case

HDMI Cable

Power Cable

SNES USB Controller


*Works Great with 8bitdo wireless controllers*

8bitdo Controller


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