Pandora's Key 7

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Dual Stick Home Arcade System with 2177 Built in Games

10 High Definition 3D Games and 2167 2D Games.

*Excellent Engineering Design, Real Interactive Experience.
*Support 2 players. You can play Retro Arcade Console at home or anywhere with your friend.
*Built-in 10 3D HD games + 2167 2D games.
*Cool LED light creates perfect game atmosphere.
*With VGA + HD dual video signal output.
* Game output resolution 1920*1080, compatible with 3D and 2D games.
*Top ranking game control experience as well as stable performance, 3D and 2D let you enjoy HD games.
*Including the game suspension function. No worry to be interrupted in the process.
*You can set the Chinese/English/ Korean language by setting switch.

The game supports three languages: Chinese,English,Japanese.

VGA and HDMI Output




Dual Arcade Stick System w/2177 Games

HDMI / VGA Cables

Power Adapter


Operating System: Android 
ROM: 16GB 

 -Please allow 2 weeks for delivery