PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade - SSD HDD and Hybrid

PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade - SSD HDD and Hybrid

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Upgrade Your Internal PS4 Hard Drive to improve booting and loading time by up to 75% !!!

Original PS4 Hard Drive:
The original hard drive included in the PS4 is a 500GB Sata II drive with only 8MB of Cache and is basically the slowest most outdated piece of hardware.  These drives were designed for entry level laptops and cannot load/read data fast enough for the current data intense games.  Get better performance out of your PS4 by updating this drive.  Luckily Sony makes it pretty easy to replace the hard drive.  Hard drive replacement consist of sliding the cover off and unscrewing one screw.  Detailed instructions included.


500GB Samsung EVO Solid State Drive

-Sata III 6GB per second solid state drive.

-Cuts booting and loading times by up to 75%.

-Contains 500MB of Cache for improved read/write performance.


1TB Samsung QVO Solid State Drive

-Sata III 6GB per second solid state drive.

-Double your internal storage capacity with a 1TB solid state drive.

-Cuts booting and loading times by up to 75%.

-Contains 1GB of Cache for super fast loading times.


2TB Seagate Firecuda Hybrid Drive

-Sata III SSHD (solid state hard drive)

-Increase your internal or external storage with 2 terabytes.

-Reduces loading times by 25 - 50%

-Contains 8GB of Solid State memory that stores most used files for fast access.

-Contains 128MB of Cache

We spend a lot of time playing games, and we spend a lot of time waiting for games to load.  The PS4 contains pretty impressive hardware, except for the HDD.  These hard disk drives are slow, basic, cheap and were designed for laptops.  The outdated hard drives are actually the main culprit to blame for long load times.  Luckily Sony made it easy for the hard drives to be replaced.

Its actually pretty easy to upgrade the hard drive in the PS4.  You can easily back up your games online if you have Playstation Plus, or you can copy them to a USB drive.

You have three options when upgrading your PS4 hard drive. Speed, Larger Storage, or Both.


Installing a SSD (solid state drive), will speed up booting and loading times by 50-75%.  SSD has no mechanical parts and have a much faster read/write performance allowing less wait times for loading.

Larger Storage

Installing a larger HDD (hard disk drive) will allow you to install more games and not worry about deleting to make room for new ones.  The performance of normal HDD slightly varies, but for the most part the speeds will be like the original HDD included with the PS4.

Hybrid Drives

SSHD (solid state hybrid drive).  These are rather new hard drives that contain normal hard disk platters for storage, but also include fast solid state memory.  Hybrid drives allow for large storage capacities with a little extra speed.  These hard drives store files that are used often in the faster solid state memory so they can be loaded faster.  SSHD drives can be faster than normal hard disk drives but are slower and less expensive than solid state.  Normally these drives improve loading time by about 25%.


Also Included with each drive:

Detailed instructions for hard drive installation.

USB Flash Drive (contains required updated PS4 system file)