Retropie - Multi-Game Machine with 7 inch Touchscreen and 10,000 Games

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Custom Retropie Game Machine with 7-inch Touch Screen.


This new custom Retropie system comes built in a 7-inch touchscreen monitor and stand so no TV is needed.  Also has HDMI output if you want to play games on your HDTV.  Optionally installed internal speaker, or just use the headphone jack for audio.  Use any USB controllers you want, XBOX360 and PS3 controllers work great.  System is also compatible with wireless Bluetooth controllers.  Play thousands of 8bit, 16bit and 32bit games including snes, genesis and classic arcade.


 Powered by a Raspberry Pi 3

-2.5 Audio Out


-Optional Internal Speaker

-Bluetooth and WiFi

-Internal Heat Sink


Pre-Installed Retropie with over 10,000 Games

-Home Console Games

-Classic Arcade Games

-Full Release (A-Z) of Popular Home Consoles

-32GB Class 10 Micro SD Card


Free Accessory Pack

-HDMI Cable

-Power Cable

-SNES USB Controllers (2)