Sega Classic Collections - Retro System

Sega Classic Collections - Retro System

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Sega Collections

SG1000, Game Gear, Master System, Genesis, 32X, Sega CD, and Dreamcast.
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Play all of your favorite Sega Games from one device.
This custom mini game kit comes with a loaded Micro SD card with thousands of retro games.  Plug in a USB Flash Drive or connect to your network to transfer more ROMS.  
Case looks exactly like an original mini Genesis console (ultra detailed) with working Power and Reset Buttons, along with power LED. 
Unlimited Fun !!!
**Many Themes Available and easy to download**
*RAM settings optimized for GPU*
Games Systems Pre-Loaded
Game Gear
Master System
Sega CD
Sega Arcade Classics
Arcade MAME
Cant find the Classic System ??
Unlike most of the new official classic systems which comes with only about 21 games, this custom Retro consoles comes loaded with thousands of games. 
Mini Linux System (Pi 3)
64gb Micro SD
Retroflag MegaPi Case *Some Assembly Required*
Internal Heat Sink
HDMI Cable
Power Cable
Genesis 6 Button Controller

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