VPN - Safe Browsing While you Travel - IOS/Android Access

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Access Blocked Websites Through WiFi.

Allows you to safely browse the internet on your cell phone using WiFi while your out and about or on Vacation.

All traffic is encrypted with a personal 2048 Encryption Key.

Works on Android as well as iPhones with the OpenVPN app.

This VPN is designed to be safe, fast and easy. 


1. Place your order and provide your email address.

2. Within 24 hours receive a personally created Encryption Key.

3. Download OpenVPN (free app)

4. Import your Encryption Key into the OpenVPN APP.



This VPN service is designed for safe internet browsing and access while your not home or on Vacation using Public WiFi. 

This VPN service is not meant for streaming Netflix, HULU, Amazon Video or other prime video services.

Normal Bandwidth speed varies from 5-12mps which is more than enough for cell phone internet use.


Open VPN is currently available for PC, MAC, Android and IOS.